Partner opportunities

Gain access to hard to reach decision makers who are setting the future plans in place and deciding on what to invest in and when. Be part of the conversation and influence strategic decision making. Join Future Tech Summit as a partner to show what the future holds and how you can help drive change that creates better systems, processes and services.

Future Tech Summit is not a catch all like the other tech events held in Canberra, it’s a gathering of those responsible for driving the strategic tech investment within their organisation. Future Tech Summit is an opportunity to meet, network with and help influence choices with a highly targeted audience from both the public and private sector.

We’re a bit different from the other events out there, whose primary focus is to bring an audience in to attract your sponsorship $$$. We’re more interested in helping our attendees actually drive change and see our partners, not as cash cows, but as value adds who can help solve problems. Of course this doesn’t mean that we don’t charge a sponsorship fee, what it does mean is that we want to partner with vendors and consultants who have a track record and deep experience.

This means that you and our delegates get the maximum value out of the investment made in attending the Future Tech Summit.

We have standard package options available, such as speaking, exhibition and networking. What we’ve found out though is that one size doesn’t fit all and a full custom approach to partners will deliver the best results for you and the delegates.

We can help with:

  • Demand and lead generation
  • Branding
  • Thought leadership
  • Market engagement
  • Decision maker introductions
  • Custom dinners and lunches

For more information on ways to engage with delegates at Future Tech Summit 2020, please contact Jon on or call +61 2 8188 7595.